Dubai City
The Famous City

Dubai is a metropolitan city where people from many countries live and work together. You will find people from whichever country you think of. The major expatriate population belongs to India, Pakistan, Bangaladesh and Sri Lanka. Besides these countries you have people from Nepal and Philipines. People who are highly qualified and people with less or no qualification with working skills are found here. It is a very good example of harmony and tolerance in socities to live together in peace. Some people live alone and some live with their families. The expatriate population is much higher than the local population.

Dubai has both sea and desert. The desert sand dumes are very beautiful to watch. There are lot of beautiful beaches and bays. Jumeirah beach is famous and you will find lot of people there. Apart from there is Marina beach, Bur Dubai creek and Mamzar beach. Beach lovers will enjoy the beautiful beaches and they are very clean and maintained properly. You can swim or have a very long walk at the beaches.

Dubai is famous for its high rise buildings and hotels. The famous building Burj Khalifa is the tallest in the world and lot of tourist visit to watch the beautiful and tallest building. Burj Al Arab is a beautiful hotel at the Jumeirah beach. If you go to Sheikh Zayed road you will find lot of high rise buildings.

The weather is pretty hot here for almost 6 months. The temperature touches almost 50 degrees sometimes. But the other 6 months the weather is good. December and January are cold. You don't find much rain here.

Burj Khalifa